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PHAB is pleased to release Version 1.5 of the Public Health Accreditation Standards and Measures. This new version of the Standards and Measures clarifies the wording of requirements, stipulates the number of examples that are required for each measure, and specifies the timeframe for each measure. Additionally, a limited number of noteworthy public health issues emerging as important forces in the advancement of public health have been included. These are issues that the field requested that PHAB consider adding to, or emphasizing in, the Standards and Measures.
While leaving much of the substance of Standards and Measures 1.0,   Version 1.5 provides the needed refinements to improve the accreditation process and advance the field. Version 1.5 becomes effective July 1, 2014. Changes found in version 1.5 include, but are not limited to:
   •  Editorial changes of layout, standards and measures, rewording, and further clarifications.
   •  Focusing on 5 emerging public issues with revised standards and measures:
    o public health communication science
    o public health informatics
    o public health workforce development
    o emergency preparedness
    o health equity
   •  Additional content changes in public health ethics and access to care.

Important for health department directors to note that applications filed before June 2, 2014 will be assessed under the version 1.0 of the standards and measures all others filed after will be assessed under version 1.5.

For any questions regarding which version is applicable to your health department, the standard and measures principles, or overall summary of the development process of Version 1.5, please contact Robin Wilcox, Chief Program Officer, at or 703-778-4555, or visit the PHAB website at
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11/21/2013Welcome to the Tribal Public Health Accreditation Resource Center!

​​The National Indian Health Board would like to invite you to join our online community and conversations about quality improvement in Tribal Public Health Departments. We look forward to this Sharepoint portal serving as a resource to communities and individuals interested in Public Health Accreditation or even just assessing or understanding ways to improve their health departments.

Please register as a member of the site and share your comments, concerns, and resources with our community. We look forward to expanding the resources found on this portal, helping you understand how to use Sharepoint, and initiating some great conversations about strengthening the performance of Tribal Pubic Health.

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